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Adolescent dating violence is a health and social problem, worldwide.

The objective of this chapter was to identify the risk factors and consequences of dating violence, assess the prevention measures taken to increase awareness regarding it and provide an overview of the screening and interventional tools used to support the teens involved in dating violence.

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Methods: A review of the literature, published in the last 29 years, was conducted and the content was clinically analyzed.

Conclusions: There is an increasing trend of dating violence in a younger population.

If you answer yes to any of these questions you could be a victim of dating abuse.

Dating violence or abuse affects one in ten teen couples. It’s yelling, threatening, name-calling, saying, “I’ll kill myself if you leave me,” obsessive phone calling, and extreme possessiveness.

Dating violence has acute as well as long term effects on the body and mind.

Since, victims may not report it or even may not identify dating violence as a hazard, the responsibility of screening for it lies heavily on health care providers.

A federal grant through the Department of Justice COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) Office partially funded a Domestic Violence Officer for the Melrose Police Department, and a Program Coordinator to staff MAAV’s office, arranging educational programs for the community and training programs for the police, clergy and healthcare professionals.

MAAV volunteers gathered hundreds of signatures on a petition of support for non-violence, and held the first Annual Walk and Candlelight Vigil on October 27, 1996 to promote awareness of the problem of domestic violence.

Consistent definitions, comprehensive assessment tools and focused screening are required to assess the actual prevalence of dating violence.


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