Dating violence in high school a profile of the victims csf dating

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I approach this writing with some trepidation because it will run counter in some areas to the current debate regarding domestic violence.

When wading in these highly volatile and controversial waters, one finds that disclaimers – like life jackets – must be affixed to the body of the argument.

Domestic violence refers to violent acts committed by a family or household member against another, such as child abuse or the mistreatment of one’s spouse.

Find Law's Domestic Violence Overview section contains articles and resources covering the basics of domestic violence, including a brief legal history of how law enforcement began to take the crime seriously.

MIchelle Mills was as impeccably groomed as she was well mannered.

Her nails were neatly manicured; her blonde hair sleek.

Fear and anxiety are normal evolved responses in both humans and animals, and physical responses are linked to the "fight-or-flight" system.

Excessive anxiety that causes distress or impairment, or that interferes with normal function, is considered an anxiety disorder.

BWS is a response to serious, long-term abuse that results in a state of learned helplessness for the victim.

Studies of the disorder have identified three stages in the abusive cycle leading to BWS.

Her gentle nature and diminutive, 4 ft 11 in stature seemed perfectly suited to her career as a children's nursery worker.

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