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This expat forum is perfect place for expats living in Sri Lanka and people considering a move to Sri Lanka.

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We engaged a poet, journalist, blogger, and AI (artificial intelligence) to interpret, in various art forms, the words used by expats to describe Expat Life. Get to know your host (or future host) country in more detail.

Covering everything from education and accommodation to public holidays and relocation checklists, they provide a comprehensive guide to expat life in 45 countries.

"I hear that question every time I visit The Sates -- usually from the same crowd that constantly yammers on about being bored.

Moving to Indonesia alone and/or especially as a woman can be a daunting experience, but if you are prepared and educated about what to expect then you will be able to surround yourself with good, decent people.

This love of the unexpected has led us to jump out of planes, eat questionable food, and relocate to China.

Hi all, This will be my blog for the next year in China and first of all I'd like to say how humbled I am for taking an interest in my travels, emotional.

But, he also explains how the laid back lifestyle and less stressful work environment is one of the most rewarding aspects...

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Blogs are categorised by the country/region they are now expats in (use menu on right).


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