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Even if he's good with marketing his products, the main reason why his customers love his dating advice products is that he was able to provide them with the advice that they truly need-- that he was able to identify what they really need.

The two approaches that has been emphasized on his first ebook to provide the best dating advice to gents are: And because of this practice, David De Angelo PUA now is one of the dating coaches that has the largest catalogs of dating advice for dudes.

He has investigated most of the questions that his students have had, and investigated them as far as he could to get the answers they needed.

It is obviously an approach that has been effective.

With my years of experience, training, and leadership I can help you, your relationship or your team navigate the roadblocks to clarify and live your vision.

My approach could best be described as systems-oriented.

-Start with this 1-Hour “Mock Date” (which takes place via Skype).

This is essentially a simulated first date that you and I will go – You will show up and act exactly as you normally do on a first date.

Check the Bootcamps page for full details & to see upcoming dates, locations & register, or you can create & customize your own private 1-on-1 Weekend Bootcamp with me in LA, or in your own hometown.


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  4. Its members are from around the globe but they share a common interest: they are interested in black or interracial dating.

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  6. If you’re fed up with Skype then, you might want to try these alternatives.

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