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A prescription is not an order for medication which is dispensed for immediate administration to the ultimate user (for example, an order to dispense a drug to an inpatient for immediate administration in a hospital is not a prescription).A prescription for a controlled substance must be dated and signed on the date when issued.The auditor or certification body will issue a report that states whether the application complies with DEA's requirements and whether there are any limitations on its use for controlled substance prescriptions. DEA did not require that audits be submitted to DEA upon completion because third-party auditors operate within industry governance and requirements and have demonstrated technical competencies.

The regulations will also permit pharmacies to receive, dispense, and archive these electronic prescriptions.

The rule was published in the Federal Register Wednesday, March 31, 2010 and becomes effective on June 1, 2010. No, the new regulations do not mandate that practitioners prescribe controlled substances using only electronic prescriptions.

Health and Safety Code 11164.1 allows a California pharmacy to deliver the controlled substance to the patient in another state.

The prescription must conform with controlled substance prescription form requirements of the state in which it was written.

After consultation with the prescribing practitioner, the pharmacist is permitted to add or change the dosage form, drug strength, drug quantity, directions for use, and issue date.

The pharmacist is permitted to make information additions that are provided by the patient or bearer, such as the patient’s address, and such additions should be verified.The pharmacist is never permitted to make changes to the patient’s name, controlled substance prescribed (except for generic substitution permitted by state law) or the prescriber’s signature.The questions and answers below are intended to summarize and provide general information regarding the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Interim Final Rule with Request for Comment "Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances" (75 FR 16236, March 31, 2010) [Docket No. The information provided is not intended to provide specific information about every aspect of the rule, nor is it a substitute for the regulations themselves. DEA's rule, "Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances" revises DEA's regulations to provide practitioners with the option of writing prescriptions for controlled substances electronically.Prescribing practitioners are still able to write, and manually sign, prescriptions for schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances and pharmacies are still able to dispense controlled substances based on those written prescriptions.Oral prescriptions remain valid for schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances. DEA considered almost two hundred separate comments received from the public to the "Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances" Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (73 FR 36722, June 27, 2008) in the development of this rule. DEA worked closely with a number of components within the Department of Health and Human Services.Schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances may be dispensed pursuant to Health and Safety Code 11164.1(b) but Schedule II must be delivered to the patient in another state per Health and Safety Code 11164.1(a)(1).


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