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Matsuda wasn't important enough to fulfill any of these tasks.Matsuda was important enough to go to the Yagami house and tell the family their son was dead.Ryuk, a shinigami (death god), purposefully dropped the Death Note into the human realm and follows Light around for entertainment.

Then, loud groans and moans in unmistakably Light's voice drifted to Matsuda's ears. Matsuda's face was now drained of colour and his mouth hung open in shock.

I'd like to see do any better." Light retorted irritatedly."I think I can, Light-kun. "No answer came; for a while, the only thing that could be heard was some rustling.

L tries to uncover Kira's identity and Light tries to kill him before he does.

Death Note fandom primarily focuses on yaoi relationships within the series, especially between Light and L with a protagonist/antagonist rivalry that uses enemyslash and also builds on the similarities between the two characters, such as the way that their canon versions are often shown thinking nearly identical thoughts.

At least, he thought to himself, he knew what Light and L did in their spare time now. He observed with interest Light's unsuccessful attempts at shuffling the old, beaten down cards.

When a world-wide earthquake shakes society to it's core- something happened. He then gets contacted by someone claiming to be a shinigami from the future. With as angry and uncooperative as the man she now knows to be Beyond Birthday had been during his hospitalization, Naomi had never expected to hear from him again. When Sakura Aoi returns home, she finds herself just in time for the semi-annual mating ceremony.The series has been adapted into an anime series, three live-action films including an original story about L, three video games, and a prequel novel.The story follows high-school student genius Yagami Light as he finds a Death Note, a notebook that can be used to a kill by writing a person's name in its pages, and he uses it to kill criminals in an attempt to cleanse the world of crime. :)Scene One Matsuda was walking past Light and L's room when he heard Light let out a growl inside the room.Suddenly Light slammed a fist onto the bed, making it creak loudly, and shouted "Faster! "Don't get so worked up.""How can I get worked up, with you going so slow? When he finally regained his senses he tiptoed away from the door, trying to make as little noise as possible. The two separated decks just refused to be inserted within each other smoothly, as he'd seen many expert card players do when they shuffled the cards."It's because it's not slippery enough." L told him. "Misora-san, did you know people say there are no more heroes?

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