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As expected, The… Michael Learns To Rock members Jascha Richter, Mikkel Lentz and Kare Wanscher are best known for their melodious hit singles that made them a hit sensation in Asia with songs like “Sleeping Child,” “25 Minutes,” “That’s Why You Go Away” and “The Actor” just to name a few.

To the band, it has always been about… 25, 25 Minutes, Anyway You Want It, Avicii, Coldplay, Enrique Iglesias, Family Of The Year, It's Gonna Make Sense, James Blunt, Jascha Richter, Kare Wanscher, Maroon 5, Michael Learns To Rock, Michael Learns To Rock Live in Manila, Mikkel Lentz, MKTO, Passenger, Sia, Silent Times, Sleeping Child, Someday, The Actor, Wayne Hector Today marks the comeback of the award-winning singer and producer Jay R as he releases his massively anticipated all-original album, Elevated, in record stores and via i Tunes and all digital retailers now.

The… All That I've Got, Bert Mc Cracken, Blue And Yellow, Box Full of Sharp Objects, Buried Myself Alive, Dan Whitesides, I Caught Fire, Imaginary Enemy, In Love And Death, Jeph Howard, Maybe Memories, Quinn Allman, Take It Away, The Ocean of the Sky, The Taste of Ink, The Used, The Used Live at Sky Dome, Vulnerable Chef Sau del Rosario, a man with the passion for cooking and a big heart for his friends celebrates his two-decade of culinary experience through this book, 20 Years of Love Cooking.

This is the first time that the two bands have toured together in the UK, so it’s some very exciting news for their UK fans!

All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth said of the tour: Tickets for the tour went on sale on Friday 29th August, and are still available.

They will be headlining a Spring tour in the US with support from Issues, Tonight Alive and State Champs, and co-headlining a UK tour with You Me At Six. We spent a good amount of time writing and recording this one.

- They used to be on Interscope but they’re now rocking at Hopeless Records. There are not many pop punk bands lefts in the music scene so All Time Low are kind of a "collectible" right now. How does it feel to be bringing new music in 2015 – almost 3 years after your last album “Don’t Panic” (fans have been impatient! We wanted to make sure it was right, so we're really proud to finally have a release date and to have all the gears turning in All Time Low again.

The SM Store in Makati recently launched its Shop in Shop concept at its men’s section, called as the first holistic boutique collective in the country.

Shop in Shop gathered 15 menswear brands that cater to different aspects of men’s fashion, from clothes, shoes, bags, active wear, denim and even accessories all designed into an… Arrow, Brent Javier, Callum David, Columbia, Daniel Hechter, Daniel Matsunaga, DC, DJ Nix Pernia, Fox, Guess, IZOD, John James Uy, Jon Hall, Levi’s, Luke Jickain, Nautica, Perry Ellis, Quicksilver, Ship in Shop, Skechers, SM Men, The North Face, Under Armor, Van Heusen.

As the Internet appropriately freaked the f*ck out over the possible return of emo icons My Chemical Romance, musicians and other famous faces tweeted out their joy at the (sort of) news.

Recently dumped Demi posted a Twitpic (left) of herself, friend Chloe Bridges and All Time Low bandmates Alex and Jack Barakat.

We wanted to come out of the gate with a big, anthemic rock song and I think that one fit the mold perfectly.

You shocked everybody with the music video for “Something's Gotta Give”. How did you come up with this treatment and what exactly did you want to convey with it (related to the lyrics? ATL: Our director, Chris Marrs, came up with the concept when he heard the line, "I'm dying to live...".

1 in the USA (Nielsen Top Current Albums Chart) and UK (OCC Albums), No. Tickets for the show, to be held at the Skydome SM North EDSA, are available via SM Tickets.


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