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According to court documents, a witness saw Estala get sexual with the fence outside his house.

According to the , Estala started things off by performing oral sex on his chosen sexual partner by “[putting] his mouth inside the chain link fence and [sticking] his tongue out, moving it up and down.” Afterwards, he just went for it, taking off his clothes and “[sticking] his erected penis into the chain link fence.” Um, at least there was a little bit of foreplay?

READ High School Football Player Charged With Killing Mother’s Abusive Ex-Boyfriend The received a copy of the affidavit, which detailed just how committed this man was to having sex with a fence.

According to the court document, Estala “put his mouth inside the chain-link fence and stuck his tongue out, moving it up and down” before moving on to stick his erect penis into the chain-link fence. Estala then began having sex, which included penetration, with the fence.

According to the , officers received a phone call from a witness who saw and filmed Estala peeing on a fence.

The witness said Estala then took off his clothes and began performing imaginary sex acts, including oral sex, on the fence, which led to lewdness and even more weirdness.

" news, an Austin, Texas man is on the run from authorities after being charged with indecent exposure for allegedly having sex with a chain link fence.

32-year-old Eliodoro Estala did not show up in court last week to face the charges, which means his initial bail has been forfeited and a warrant has now been issued for his arrest.

A witness told police she saw her neighbor urinating on the fence and began filming him, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the Smoking Gun.

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