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Up until that point, Casey Mc Donald was perfectly content with her life.

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Prior to becoming members of a blended family, Casey and Derek were firmly comfortable in their roles as first-born children, including having a major influence on how family decisions were made.

When their families blend, each strives for dominance: Casey by "sticking to the rules" and Derek by asserting himself with both force and manipulation.

Casey: (she breaks the fourth wall) I love the rush of performing for a live audience. As opposed to insensitive, crude underachievers---like Derek. Lizzie: (Defensively) Mom look, I'm sorry I wouldn't do the dishes earlier but I had my reasons.

Hormones are kinda like eh-, well they're kinda like emotional pimples. Nora (Changes from sympathetic to sly): Really, cause eh getting mad at me's just another symptom of puberty and your hormones are (Waves her hands in the air to represent "crazy").

Lizzie: Mom my hormones are not the reason why I wouldn't do the dishes!

Max: Casey, when you said you needed a break, it hurt and I kinda moved on. Sally has sent Casey (Ashley Leggat) to find out if Derek's still interested, but Derek's motto is "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen." Derek shares his dating technique with Edwin (Daniel Magder).But when Michelle asks Edwin out, Edwin plays it so cool that he talks himself right out of a date.Life with Derek is a Canadian sitcom that is currently being aired on Family Channel (English) and VRAK. It is aired on different networks internationally, such as Nickelodeon in Australia and Asia, Boomerang in the United Kingdom, and Disney Channel in Asia, Central America, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, South America, Spain, and the United States.It is currently in its fourth season, and is expectes two sons Derek and Edwin and daughter Marti, marries a divorced woman, Nora, who has two daughters, Casey and Lizzie. How does a person who prides herself on being in total control lose it? Why is there an out of control party in my living room?

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