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If you’re in a healthy, happy relationship, that can help to be more open, make smarter decisions for your future, and live a more whole lifestyle.“Your relationships are going to affect friendships, it’s going to affect your relationships, it's going to affect how you are with your parents, it’s going to affect how much money you’re going to make, its going to affect all of those things,” Destin said.

I’m with this guy or I'm with with girl for now and it turns to be something fantastic, with kids down the line, wonderful!

’ But for now, just try to enjoy the now and take one step at a time and one foot in front on the other and focus on all of the other stuff also because that's going to make life spectacular.”But the most important thing in being in a relationship or not being in a relationship is to love yourself.

Chelsea shared; Rachel Federoff and Destin Pfaff were brought on for the show only–why Patti, Production and Bravo TV made it seem like this couple who has a history in acting would make viewers believe they were actual C. A former client of Patti’s recently told us that ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ is in complete chaos now! If you’ve seen the clip all you hear is me saying, “My mother thinks she’s a matchmaker” and “Enrique Inglasis.” Continued from Hello Giggles. As soon as the camera turns off Patti and her posse are suddenly super nice. Destin and Rachel were brought on to pretend to be “C. When Patti got on TV, the fame went to her head; Stanger not only treated her staff horrible on TV, Patti also treated her staff horrible behind the scenes and chalked it up as on one of the reunions–yet still continued to be rude.

” According to Huffington Post, most of these men are not millionaires–that we already knew. As soon as I opened my mouth they went out of their way to act bored. When People Mag discussed Patti was, impossible to work with, the poor ratings, how Patti treated the talent poorly and how Patti was a nightmare to work with– Patti dismissed People by telling them to “#factcheck” When contestants spoke out; Patti denounced them as liars and being “Cheap” meanwhile, Patti had some believe she would actually set them up.

You have Michael Prozer, who boasted his net worth was $400m, owning the South Africa version of Paypal. And if Patti was nice to you when the camera wasn’t rolling, when the cameras were running; Jekyll & Hyde. ) Patti very may well have decided to leave on her own–something happened for her to do so.

Michael Prozer was a fraud that was sentenced to 8 years in prision according to the Daily Mail. Patti wants you to believe the ratings were “awesome” but if the ratings were “awesome” why would you leave the network you were doing so “good’ at? Did Bravo TV just not offer Patti another season and tell her good luck and Patti is now hoping another network will pick her up?I wonder if Patti’s clients pre Millionaire Matchmaker via Bravo TV knew Stanger was working out of her home? Dustin and Rachel just came on for the reality show, along with an office primarily used for TV filming,” admits Autumn. Why would a network pick up Millionaire Matchmaker?Chelsea Autumn also revealed it was Stanger who pitched her lifestyle to networks–networks did not find her. “There were so many times Patti handed her clients off to me because she was so focused on the show.”A former yacht captain, with plenty of experience working with multimillionaires, Wesley Ryan adds, “Chelsea was doing all the work and it was time for her to leave and start her own business. ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ is in shambles now because Patti can’t handle it without Chelsea and she can’t find a replacement. You have this woman, Patti Stanger who was playing Cupid and working out of her home and not in a fancy office as displayed on TV, you would think Patti would remember where she came from before she started to treat people so badly. Stanger in reality had ONE employee: Chelsea Autumn.Although there are always a select few who get lucky, most women don’t stand a chance.“Women need to get out of New York City,” Stanger says of the east coast.They wanted to be able to help people at all points in their life and in all areas.

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