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On that monumental voyage, with his strict attention to the diet of his sailors, he eliminated the incidence of scurvy, heretofore the scourge of long-distance voyagers. Also on board were Nathaniel Portlock and George Dixon, who led subsequent fur-trading expeditions to the Pacific Northwest, and a marine officer of American origin, John Ledyard, who later was encouraged by Thomas Jefferson to walk eastward from Moscow to the Pacific, join a Russian fur trading expedition and then seek an overland route east from the Pacific coast to the American heartland (a precursor, perhaps, of the Lewis and Clark expedition).Ledyard actually started out on this eastbound journey but was arrested in Russia and returned empty handed and penniless to Europe.Just over one year ago, a magnitude-9 earthquake hit the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan, triggering one of the most destructive tsunamis in a thousand years.

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The City of Vancouver has a number of streets named after Spaniards: Cordova, Cardero, Valdez and Narvaez. He spent one day here, which is long enough to discover the Spanish had already claimed the place and headed off again.

During that day, British Captain Vancouver met with Spanish captains Valdez and Galiano and one of Vancouver's best beaches, Spanish Banks is named for the meeting place.

The first jolt of stress coming out of the rocks sends a shock wave hurtling into Northern California and southern Oregon like a thunderbolt.

For a few stunned drivers on the back roads in the predawn gloom, the pulse of energy that tears through the ground looks dimly like a 20-mile wrinkle moving through a carpet of pastures and into thick stands of redwoods.

Spain claimed the west coast of North America by virtue of the Treaty of Tordesillas, which occurred in 1494.

Their presence is still felt today even though the Spanish felt Friendly Cove at the entrance to Nootka Sound was a better place for a town.

He returned to England in 1771 having circumnavigated the globe and charted the east coast of Australia and the coast of New Zealand for the first time.

In 1772–1775 he sailed again with two ships to the South Pacific to disprove the existence of a large southern continent.

That's also the same reason English Bay got its name.

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