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These restrictions have always been outlined in our Services Agreement, which we’ve tried to make as readable as possible.

Given that they’re often a source of confusion, though, we figured it could be useful to try to explain some of the broader context around them and to describe the approach we want to take.

Withdrawal of the penis prior to ejaculation during intercourse (coitus interruptus) and periodic abstinence do not effectively prevent pregnancy nor provide protection against STDs.

Search for your agency by agency name, city, and/or ZIP Code.

Be sure to select a state or country and one topic area; select "All" if you are unsure which topic to use.

Behind the scenes, we work closely with payment networks (such as Visa and Mastercard) and banking partners across more than two dozen countries.

Each institution has strict legal regulations that govern them and specific rules about the types of businesses they do and do not work with.

Help us build the OVC Online Directory of Crime Victim Services by sharing your victim-focused program listings.

Adding to the Directory Verification and Approval Content Criteria Adding to the Directory Adding your program to the directory is an easy three-step process: Search, Add, and Submit.

As with other kinds of infrastructure (like hosting or electricity), we'd like to make it available to as broad a set of users as possible.

While we may personally like some businesses on Stripe and disapprove of others, we want to make as few judgements as possible as a company. That said, we provide financial services, and there are consequently a non-trivial number of restrictions regarding the use of our products.

You can prevent an unwanted pregnancy with: 1- Total Abstinence 2- Use of contraceptives To prevent unwanted pregnancy always use a form of contraception when you are sexually active.


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