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In this post, I’m going to walk you through my experiences with Disqus as a blog owner, my readers’ experiences with it, and the advantages and disadvantages of Disqus.

With Django deprecating their contrib comments module, they suggested that we switched to Disqus as an alternative.

It's pretty good, but I found that it was a little tricky to configure stuff on the Javascript side of things.

As an evangelist for Word Press (not an official job), I know I should spend more time making my site better. Because I spend my time helping other companies get better. One of the things I’d heard people didn’t like about Disqus was the ads.

All while I now help a larger agency and their staff optimize how they support large enterprises adopt Word Press. Not only did I not want ads, but I work hard at creating specific and useful content and I didn’t want the latest pop news to show up on my site. And if you’re using Disqus right now, you might want to think about this too.

So when complaints arise, you have to take them seriously and weigh them in terms of how they affect the majority of your audience.

For the most part, I had very few people complain about Disqus to me – so I assumed only a few subscribers disliked it.I picked Disqus because it’s been around a while, has good adoption, and generally seems to work well.Close contenders include Livefyre and Facebook’s Comments Box plugin. To implement Disqus comments, you simply sign up for an account and add some javascript to your templates.The only problem is we don't know when that's done, and it also fills in "0 comments" for us when we may not want it to.If you haven't noticed already, the modified version uses j Query in two places.But then, a comment thread in one of my posts turned to a discussion of Disqus. And yet she was frustrated enough to publicly comment on my post about how much she disliked using Disqus.


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