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When you place your cursor over a cross-reference configured as a hyperlink and click Ctrl click, your cursor will jump to the location of the bookmark.

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On a web page you can easily do javascript copyright year update.

Recently I observed this with when they forgot to update the Copyright year from 2009 to 2010 for few months.

Word Press sites can be built in various ways, so depending on how your site is built, there are a few ways that copyright dates are handled.

The above quote, taken from the W3C website, is one of the reasons for this site.

In order for a user to insert rows into a table, the table must be in the user's own schema or the user must have the INSERT object privilege on the table.

If you are using Oracle 10g and above, community member mrdenny says you can use Insert All to insert multiple rows of data from multiple tables into one table: If you are inserting data from a spreadsheet or a comma delimited file, mrdenny says, you can create either a temporary table or an external table to load the data from.So, if you want to add this neat feature to your Word Press website just follow this quick tutorial.It took me some time to find this answer on the internet.automatic copyright year update will avoid any such mistakes on your site.In this tutorial I am trying to capture most common ways where people may need to update copyright year in a website.You can also delete the field name REF, since REF is the default field name in Word.

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