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The central irony of the story is that realizing the American Dream yields bleak rewards. Hedrick in a golf tournament, however, the triumph brings him little joy.

For example, when Dexter was a young caddy, he dreamed about success and wealth and the happiness they would bring. Dexter is able to transcend middle-class inertia but, despite his tireless efforts to advance his fortunes, forced to accept that money cannot buy happiness.

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If the Sicani themselves are not responsible, then it is their Neolithic forebears, people who blend in with the later Sicani arrivals, possibly during the late Neolithic or Bronze Age periods.

Alternatively, the Sicani are the aborigines who are influenced by the arrival of later peoples, such as the Elymi and Siculi around the tenth century BC.

Dexter has an ambiguous relationship with the bluebloods and idle rich who populate his social world.

On one hand, he is proud of his self-made status and has no respect for the men for whom luxury and wealth were a given.

Broth [Pot-au-feu], bouillion, and consomme entered here.

Classic French cuisine generated many of the soups we know today.

A bonus point for each dog found lolling in front of this classy cooker.

Too many kitchen gadgets and you're on thin ice but one of these terribly clever dispensers for cling-film is a 'Godsend!

Archaeological investigation shows signs of Heidelbergensis and Neanderthal occupation, with modern humans arriving around 40,000 years ago.

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