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“They see the emergence of a new global elite who sometimes seem to play by a different set of rules and whose lives are far removed from their everyday existence …

Change is in the air, and when people demand change, it is the job of politicians to respond.” One can hardly take her seriously. David Davis, one of the most senior members of the Prime Minister’s cabinet, reportedly took the opportunity to have a little nap. May stands and tells the bankers she wants Britain to “do business in the right way” but she fails yet again to follow through with any policies to tell us what that really means.

Is it any wonder that voters are becoming rather green around the gills over politics?

That their cynicism at our politicians and the things they say is reaching new heights?

More than that, May refused to digress from her speech to address the gathered diners, who were washing down their dinner of potted shrimp and roast beef with a £300 bottle of red, to address the biggest global issue of the day – the very idea of Donald Trump as US President-elect.

Big on words but short on substance, and with a recurring refusal to look at the big issues head on: these hallmarks of the ditherer are beginning to characterise May’s premiership. Almost nobody who is part of an elite believes that they are. That’s why it’s so useful to May, and to Trump, and to all politicians.

When Theresa May – she of the so-recent promise to lead in the best interests of the “just managing” – delivers a maiden speech in front of a white tie dinner which includes a passage on her concern about the rise of “elites”, it’s time to pension off the satirists.

With unsurpassed irony (or perhaps no sense of it at all), May chose a meeting of a sub-section of that global elite, contentedly full after a Guildhall banquet, at which to raise her fears about elitism.

They are often blessed with manicured lawns, sumptuous historic buildings and state-of-the-art sports and entertainment facilities for the enjoyment of members.


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