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Fore – In Fore, the only thing miniature about this large map is the golf courses players will be fighting in.

Conference room for 24 persons, restaurant with B-rights open in the summer from midsummer through the first week of august, outdoor dining area, and common room with tv. The hotel is located close to a shallow sand beach, Sandvikens Strand.

We're happy to share Austin's latest interview with our Lead Gardenscapes Artist — Elvira Makienko! It’s actually quite natural for artists to talk to their characters from time to time.

For all those wondering how we create our game art, Elvira answered some of the most frequently asked questions, carefully selected by Austin, our beloved butler and aspiring journalist. I must say I’m surprised it doesn’t feel even a bit weird meeting my creator like that. I’m happy to share my experiences with you, so ask away!

While repairing her convertible, Elvira inherits an archaic mansion, a recipe book and a poodle.

Her great-uncle Vincent Talbot proposes to buy her book, but the poodle hides it in the sofa.

For instance, some people say you and I have similar nose shapes... And on top of that I did a degree in art at the university! When I’m working on a new area in the garden I have to study every detail in every decoration to give them a realistic look. Just their names — oval cachepot, trailing joey, gabions — are enough to give you a headache! Sometimes I’m looking at a reference meanwhile sketching and fumbling my way to a new design…other times I just sketch an outline of an object and then gradually fill it with details and volume. Believe me, it does wonders — both at work and in daily life. Thanks for answering our players’ questions, Elvira. Hope to see a lot more beautiful areas and decorations in the garden soon!

When I started working on Gardenscapes my main focus was designing the garden and its decorations. You know, the ones that collect pieces on the match-3 field. As I said, we have a lot of creative artists in our team and match-3 elements are definitely not my division. And what is your favorite thing to draw: animals, people, or landscapes? Still surprised that I managed to stop there What is your process of drawing? And the last question: our players are always asking whether they could ever see more of the inside of the house..hints? I did draw a lot of sketches for the mansion after all, so I hope our players will have a chance to see its beautiful interior some day... And by the way, say thank you to your fellow artists for making me so fit too!

Ok, then let’s cover the basics first: could you tell us how you first got into drawing and what made you really interested in it?

I started when I was a little girl, like most kids. Do you have any tips for landing a job as an artist in the gaming industry? What’s more important than great and style matching artworks?

I got to know you and other characters much later A lot of talented artists were working on your image and it’s hard to say now where the inspiration first came from. I wish I had your aristocratic profile instead of my pug one. But I drew a few sketches for a very cute chain saw!

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