Error message after updating iphone friends not dating

” Well, it could be due to various reasons like wrongly configured settings, the carrier may not be supporting the message you are trying to send, poor internet connection etc.

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No worry, follow the steps below can carry you through the trouble. According the user's feedback, most case of the i Tunes 29 errors were caused by the battery changes.

Honestly, it really gets you mad if you haven't realized this, you may wonder why a change of battery results in that error?

The issue: a rude error message that pops up while i Tunes is trying to install the software update.

The rather unhelpful message reads: “The i Phone [name of i Phone] could not be restored.

The thing here is that hardware, no matter how solid they are supposed to be, also contribute to the downfall of your i OS device’s functionality.

Here are the common causes for this error to occur.Now that we obtained a better understanding of the error in question, we will now go into the possible ways for you to fix the problem.I've recently updated i OS version 9.2.1 on my i Phone 5s.The problem, however, is that when it strikes, it strikes quite hard.The time it ‘strikes’ is mainly during updating or restoring your i OS device.Delete older conversation: One user on the Support forums noted that deleting old texts got i Message working again. Another user did a restore (and set up the i Phone as NEW) and i Message worked just fine.

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