reverse psychology dating - Error updating the administration application pool credentials

But the job doesn't execute even if the timer service is running. Share..Set Pass Phrase: SPCmdlet Set Pass Phrase) [Set-SPPass Phrase], Invalid Operation Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : Microsoft. And after cleaning the cache I can apparently set the passphrase.

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I have been having lots of difficulty automating the setup of a Web application and configuring IIS appropriately with the Application Pool Identity.

I am doing this in a Web application deployment script written in Power Shell.

[Y] Yes [A] Yes to All [N] No [L] No to All [S] Suspend [?

] Help (default is "Y"): A Set-SPPass Phrase : Error deploying administration application pool credentials.

I have searched on Google and set Credential in (Advance [email protected] - thanks for your question.

This was on a Content App pool, though, not Central Admin.

So an account that is configured as a Managed Service Account and set to have its password changed automatically could also be used in certain places that don’t understand the managed account concept.

When the managed account password is changed the feature that uses that account and only knows the username and password (so it does not use the managed account details) will effectively be broken.

As an example, if you configure the Enterprise Search Service to use a managed account whose password is scheduled to be changed every 30 days and you use that same account for the content crawl account then when that password is changed the content crawl will cease to function as it will be unable to authenticate the account.


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