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Explicit and sexual content is encouraged to be held in private chat only.

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There are so many sites advertising free escort chat, but after you make an account and give them all your information, they ask you to pay for getting in contact with escorts. This service for chat with strangers is one of the best ones on the internet, mainly because is truly free, but also because the site itself is amazing.

hi have a quick question i hope someone can answer we have been away from this site for a while but are now back using it again on a regular basis since we have come back we have noticed a few escort wife fantasy rooms usually opening on server 1 after popping in these kind of rooms a few times we have recieved several offers which we have so far declined my question is is the talk of money & meets for cash banned i would assume that it is, if that is the case surely these kind of rooms shouldnt be allowed to open thanks from the pums Ello pums and welcome back You are correct - discussion regarding payment for services is considered as 'non acceptable behaviour'.

Here's the bit in the AUPIf you are approached in future please use the 'report profile' button on profiles giving the server number, room name and time of chat.

Hi - just to let you know I sometimes open a room called 'escort fantasy', which is exactly what I have for my gf...

I'm always trying to seek advice on the best places to go etc to make it come true..

Chat right now for free with hundreds of people across the globe who are willing to spend a wonderful time and socialize about awesome topics.

There is absolutely no registration required and you don’t need to have a webcam or audio speakers to participate in private conversations.

next time maybe read the title of the room correctly before entering, its a fact that someone in a room of this nature will offer you cash although the reality is that its the idea that turns them on not physically doing the deed... this is not a reality room, simply a fantasy sharing room!


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