Excel 2016 conditional formatting not updating

This is my working example: Sub Reset Formatting() ' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Written by..: Julius Getz Mørk ' Purpose.....: If conditional formatting ranges are broken it might cause a huge increase ' in duplicated formatting rules that in turn will significantly slow down ' the spreadsheet. Stop If True = False End With ' (4) Make article strategy "A" blue With Cells(1, 1).

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If you want to build the original calendar from scratch, you can review the earlier article — or you can download the example file.

In that file, you'll find three sheets: This technique relies on the NETWORKDAYS() function, which is available in Excel 2007 and later versions.

Given the power of using conditional formatting on traditional Excel ranges, many Excel users would like to use this tool on charts and often ask the question, “Can we apply conditional formatting to charts?

” The short answer is, “No, conditional formatting does not work on chart data.” The longer answer is, “With a little creativity, we can trick Excel into applying what appears to be conditional formatting.” In this tip, we will show you how, with a little creativity, you can create a chart in Excel with conditional formatting.

Conditional formatting is a great tool for automatically formatting data in Excel, based on the conditions present in a cell(s).

For example, we can use conditional formatting to highlight, automatically, all unfavorable budget variances in red and all favorable budget variances in blue.

Consider the data presented in Figure 1; sales data is presented for each of thirteen salespersons.

You have been charged with the responsibility of creating a chart containing this data and also having the top-performing salesperson’s data as well as the bottom-performing salesperson’s data formatted differently than the rest of the data on the chart.

I frequently use Excel’s Pivot Table functionality to examine the relationships between variables.

While it is a common tool in the analyst’s toolbox I don’t like the default visualization options.

By separating the year, month, and day, you can reuse the same sheet.


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