Face proportions and dating

Once I became aware of this proportion, it seemed like such an obvious measurement to notice.

This is a perfect example of how easy it is for these so-called “"more obvious"” elements to become lost in the complexities of the face.

There's a simple approach - one that I first learned and is great for beginners.

The nose, amazingly, is just as wide as your eye, generally speaking.

Human Face – Phi, 1.618, the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci …

Learn how to draw accurate and proportionate human faces directly from memory, and learn the most accurate proportions for the human face.

In my early teens when I started drawing, I remember wondering how those professional artists could draw such perfect pictures and well proportioned faces when no matter how hard I tried, what I drew turned out to look like a rendition of Picasso.

anastasia.net/Where can I calculate the golden ratio of my face? The Golden ratio is said to be a straight line with two points that divide the line in half.

Many people make mistakes when drawing faces because they don't fully understand facial proportions.

This mask of the human face is based on the Golden Ratio.

The proportions of the length of the nose, the position of the eyes and the length of the chin, all conform to some aspect of the Golden Ratio.

So go ahead and pull out your ruler and make sure that there is an eyes width between the other 2 eyes.

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