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They tend to be overly earnest about everything from their voluntary work in Micronesia to their carbon-fibre bicycles.

Generally unable to exercise spontaneity, and with a limited sense of humour, a robust socialist political position and generally (but not exclusively) terrible at parties.

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It's reminds me of a section Viz did years ago called 'Borderline Boilers' that I can still quote and makes me lol to this day...

I think it's the succinct nature of the sentence that does it, was a really funny list of famous women you shouldn't naturally fancy but secretly 'would'. Continuing the theme of that publication, Michelle Keegan is genuine FAFCAM.This information is only seen by the system admin and no one else and is only used for sending payments.for our web cam Models (performers) to make even more money ..never at the expense of our members.Microsoft Internet Explorer We support: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.Download the latest version at Microsoft Internet Explorer.So please be respectful and do not hassle the performers or members of this site.


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