Father phenotype in female dating preferences

A recent blog post titled "Why girls love the dad bod" seems to have gone viral.The post outlines several reasons for why women are, or should be attracted to the "dad bod," that make little biological sense - if we are talking about pure, unadulterated .*the definition I use for "racial group" is based on continental and subcontinental divisions, which is different from the "ethnic groups" that subdivide a race.

Although this principle applies to varied traits, including personality and socio-cultural characteristics, it is especially apparent in inbreeding avoidance, where individuals avoid mating with close relatives.

In humans, this is known as the “Westermarck effect” (Wolf, 1995; Rantala and Marcinkowska, 2011).

And let's be honest, aren't we always talking about that.

Without writing another word I could simply show a few pictures of dad's that are not representative of the dad bod and you can judge for yourself these are attractive phenotypes.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am surprised at this report, but then again it was conducted in the US and I never lived in the U. hence it could not represent the rest of the world.

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And I would predict if placed along side pics of guys adorned with dad bod, the fitter men would win out in a selection of mates.

See, I wouldn't actually take much issue with the rationale laid out by Miss Pearson in her article if she had clearly stated what she meant by "attractive." She is clearly talking about a long-term mate.

We found a preference for dissimilarity of other-sex and same-sex faces in single individuals, but no effect of self-resemblance in coupled raters. In contrast, lower dissimilarity preference of other-sex faces in coupled individuals may reflect suppressed attention to attractiveness cues in potential alternative partners as a relationship maintenance mechanism, and its substitution by attention to cues of kinship and psychological similarity connected with greater likelihood of prosocial behavior acquisition from such persons.

The choice of a mating partner depends not only on characteristics of the potential partner, but also on the degree to which these characteristics complement the choosing individual. Human preferences for facial masculinity change with relationship type and environmental harshness.

Birds of a feather flocking together Here we see that a much higher percentage of White people prefer to stick to their own racial* group. 54% of White females and 40% of White males strongly prefer to date someone who is also White. At the bottom, only 11% of Black males say that they only want to date Black women.


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