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I serve a multi-racial, actively anti-racist congregation. I wanted to lament about my denomination, which sometimes opts for tokenism over true diversity.

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Female pastors dating

She talks about kissing boys who get self-conscious that she is a pastor, men who want her to leave the pastorate to become a housewife.

She talks about past intimacy, present chastity, This article is not just a case of unfathomable TMI.

Unfortunately, it can be even more challenging when you’re in vocational ministry.

As professional clergy, navigating the space between public and private isn’t always easy.

And I probably should have written about the general turmoil I’ve faced as a young black radical pastor in a self-professing progressive as it struggles to maintain spaces of true racial diversity.

And one day I will write about those things in more depth and detail.

Guys seemed to be everywhere, especially during undergrad.

I lived in dorms with 125 other girls, all in the same place, all trying to figure out who we were.

Wren Miller, an Associate Pastor at a United Methodist Church in Alabama.

But for readers of Marie Claire magazine, she is interviewed in an article entitled “Confessions of a Single, Female Pastor.” And readers got to You can read scans of the issue here: Page One, Page Two.

But today, there is something weighing even heavier on my heart. I somehow entered into this career without a spouse or partner.


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