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The letter that I had been sent said I would have a Maths and english test and if successful I would be given a Driving assessment.

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If you treat the staff nicely and show some courtesy they return it back two-fold.

The the NGOs that change are the updates, modest but nicely done. We spent very little time in the room My one suggestion for improvements is to work on guest relations BEFORE the guest arrive.

The day started with a quick sign in at the head office and a longish wait before being taken into the exam room.

There where 7 of us that sat the exams the day I was there, we where all from different backgrounds and all ages most of us where nervous :-) The exam is a paper format NOT computer based like I was expecting, the first section was the highway code test this was a two page paper that would show our basic knowledge of the highway code.

So it's 2017, The main news I can give anyone looking into a Job as a Bus driver is that there is currently a major shortage of drivers across London from a number of companies.

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  3. This policy will set restrictions to maintain workplace conduct and order.

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