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Gaga rose to prominence with the release of her successful debut album The Fame (2008) and its internationally chart-topping singles "Just Dance" and "Poker Face".A follow-up EP, The Fame Monster (2009), featuring the singles "Bad Romance", "Telephone", and "Alejandro", also proved successful.

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I has a question if a hermaphrodite has sex with a male is it considered gay and the same with female is it consider les or bi/straight? I would have to say, all of the above, if you really think about it. Found my way after a reptilian took control over me in my sleep and used me to feed of me and the girl I was sleeping with. I've encountered them before in my sleep but they have never managed to, what i know of, effect the state of the person I'm next to wich was the case this time. I am finally getting a Monday through Friday schedule!

I ask all my friends and none can think on an answer. The attraction is there because of the hormones, and all the body parts are there too (as well as curiosity). lol I'm going for making a change btw, so if anyone have any projects or idéas I'm game on supporting with whatever I can! Been at this job 2 years an have always had to work Saturdays!

The sperm retention is not necessarily the case (although it is a possibility) as a number of reptile species have given true "virgin" birth (all were live bearing species).

In the snake equivalents the offspring were all males.

The first salamanders described, this diverse genus of species and subspecies can be found throughout Europe and the Near-East. It is known they can retain sperm, but this is an incredible length.

They are the animals that first come to mind when most people hear the word "salamander". Having kept,and observed Fire salamanders in their natural surroundings for 40 odd years, I have always marvelled at how variable a species/sub species can be,from even remarkably close localities. and S.s.terrestris.) Therefore,when a male S.s.gallaica died after 20 years in captivity,and I did`nt have a replacement adult from the same locality, I kept her singly,for 3 years,whilst growing on her future mate. This is obviously due to her retaining sperm from a mating 4 years previously. It is a good explination how new populations can start with just one salamander (and therefor all animals look more or less like the mother)!

Gaga performed in high school plays while growing up, and studied at CAP21 through New York University's Tisch School of the Arts before dropping out to pursue a musical career.

After being dropped from a contract with Def Jam Recordings, Gaga worked as a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing, where Akon helped her sign a joint deal with Interscope Records and his own label Kon Live Distribution in 2007.

Did you see any change in viability of the larvae she produced?


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  7. There is no reason she has to put as many miles on it as she has. Many times (I heard this years later) the kids barely ate (including a little brother who was husband #2's kid). Everytime something goes wrong, guess who gets stuck with the bill? I just get mad that everytime something goes wrong, it falls on us. Here we have a young WOMAN in the same predicament (minus a few dramatic issues) to this young MAN: 19 yo son in love with a girl we cant stand : HELP Yet, the advice for the WOMAN is to cut him loose and let him fend for himself, while the MAN is to be coddled because his GF is such a vixen! a boy,who has a high IQ does not end like that,with 20..finished high a realist!!! my child knows that and if he does not repect that,he can have low lifes as frineds,but not when he depends on me financially,because i do not support nay low lifes!!

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