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I told him I didn't want a credit, because that means I only get my money back by buying more from Old Navy; if this is the way they do business (which it clearly is based on so many others' experiences), I will not spend any more money there.

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So you do have a bit more control over your visitors’ mobile experiences.

I applied for an Old Navy card and received a lousy $200 limit. I have 9 other credit cards through Synchrony Bank and as I made a payment I got the message that said account has been closed to purchases! Then try Old Navy thinking maybe another 200$ but instead declined. What became clear is that Old Navy makes it a practice of charging everyone late fees, and only reversing them if someone is willing to waste 2 hours disputing them.

In many cases, when this happens, Amazon will extend to you 1 free month of Amazon Prime as a peace offering.

The free month won’t kick in until your current Prime membership expires, which is way cool.

I’m giving away $1,001 as an experiment to see what one of you will do with it. All I ask is that you tell me how you spent the money. Because Indian people always add an extra 1.) I’ll pick the winner on Monday 4/23.

When comparing Wix vs Squarespace, on the surface it may appear that both website builders are similar.

In the modern era, Vo IP (Voice over IP) is the current and future standard in making phone calls.

By using your all-purpose broadband data or wireless internet connection instead of dedicated copper telephone wires, call quality has the potential to be much higher with Vo IP, and the overhead for providing such a service is drastically reduced.

In this Wix vs Squarespace review, we’ll show you where some of the biggest differences between them.

In this comparison review, I will compare Wix and Squarespace in 4 different aspects, plus our conclusion, to see which one is better.

Although Wix’s templates are not bad by any means, in fact, they are quite attractive and they have templates across a lot of different industries so you can quite easily find one that will work for you, I just can’t help but admire Squarespace’s templates. Squarespace has a lot fewer templates than Wix, but they are all designed by professional designers.

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