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And she might post to Web MD's Sex Matters® board, where the overwhelming majority of posts concerned with a mate engaging in solo sex come from women. Harley of White Bear Lake, Minn., says men and women are probably hardwired to react differently.Of course it's true that many women as well as men find pleasure in gratifying themselves alone. "Most women will say they want their husbands' sexual expression to be exclusively with them -- no masturbation, no pornography, no strip clubs.Caligula would have blushed, but Cleopatra would have whipped out her honey-bee vibrator.

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The often-quoted survey showed that 64% of the 9,177 respondents were married or in a committed relationship, and 92% did not have problems related to online sexual activities.

Perhaps surprisingly, most respondents said they got excited but not aroused by viewing and chatting.

I am the total opposite, I find it a huge turn on, not in place of sex, but as a form of foreplay. If a gal either wanted to try it or even practice on occasion...whatever.

I don't see it as out of the norm or kinky, but then again I don't find much to be kinky that my friends do. Just having a problem imagining having the restraint to keep my hands (and other things) to myself in that situation.

A woman might feel neglected if her mate spends too much time watching sports on TV.

But if his leisure time involves solo sex, such as masturbating, engaging in phone sex, or using the Internet to view explicit sexual images or chat with an anonymous partner, she might go through the roof.

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If your friends are 30 y/o like you, try this conversation again in 10 years. Plus I think the visual aspect of seeing your partner do this just heightens ones own state of arousal I should add that this is a good time to instruct your partner in the proper care and use of those power tools locked away in your nightstand.


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