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A careful dresser, he wore a navy-blue worsted suit, a shirt with red candy stripes, a red necktie, and a white pocket-square.

Onto his feet he had slipped a pair of two-tone red-and-white spectator shoes.

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Our attorneys are committed to helping our clients fight criminal sexual conduct charges and the damage such charges can do to one's reputation in the community as well as to one's personal and family relationships.

We conduct thorough investigations into the facts of these sex crimes cases.

Living as a registered sex offender can adversely affect every aspect of your life.

The state will dictate where you can and cannot live, who you can work for, and where you can go, among numerous other facets of your life.

Donaldson was on the phone, fuming mad while talking to a reporter about his confinement to a Missouri Department of Mental Health institution.

He had been held against his will since 2001 as a patient at Sex Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Services, or SORTS, a high-security hospital that abuts a prison in Farmington.

service at Barnes Jewish Hospital is available to students wishing to initiate or continue hormone treatment for transitioning.

​Book an appointment with your primary care provider for a referral to this service.

De Mille, Molotov Cocktails, Mario Vargas Llosa, The Dallas Cowboys, Drug Lords in 1989.

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