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There are natural systems of reciprocation in place, which mean that if you give someone something, they’ll probably give you something in return, but these are not presumed relationships.Words and sentences can work in that way too, and this is how I see the idea of anarchy relating not only to the writing, but also to the installations and the collaborative and activity-based aspects of my practice.

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The movie depicts not so much Michelangelo’s life but the trials, tribulations and eventual, inevitable triumphs of the Hollywood version of the artist’s career.

Years of hardship, suffering (especially at the hands of Rex Harrison’s whiny Pope Julius) and then a final burst of acceptance, applause, fame and a lasting legacy.

A formal example would be the way that language operates in .

There are sentence structures within that show: the objects are like freestanding words, but they live together without punctuation, which reflects some kind of anti-government position.

In , there are some made objects, some found objects, some objects made by other people, and they all interact in some form of conversation that is systematic, but it’s not a defined system, and so it’s in this way that the work perhaps fits into an anarchist model.

An anarcho-syndicalist society or an anarcho-feudalist society or a commune is a direct form of living, and that’s something I’ve tried to do in my practice.Ted Twietmeyer is a writer, and I use the term loosely, for Quite frankly, I'm not sure what this site is supposed to do, but feel free to try and figure it out for yourself.Ted believes that NASA, in an incredible attempt to continue the Moon Landing Hoax and other conspiracies, is "Phoenix — and almost all modern space probes — use cameras that are digital detectors called CCDs.These are basically computer chips that are sensitive to light.When a photon hits a part of the chip, it is converted into a charge, and the amount of charge that builds up tells the chip how much light hit it. It can’t really tell a red photon from a blue one; all it knows is how much light hit it. You put a red filter in front of it, for example, and that lets only red photons through.


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