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In the early 1870s Thomas Radley Cadman (1833-1917) took over the firm.

The expansion of the factory made it possible also to increase the range of products, which now included scissors, shaving utensils, manicure and pedicure implements.

I bought, with my wife, my bride, at Danziger’s store, the week we got married.

Wolman: Uh huh, his mother Ida was one of my mother’s sisters.

They canned fruits and pickles, and even made their own ketchup.

In 1914, the family moved to Columbus, a much bigger city among things, so that the unmarried children might find Jewish husbands and wives.

Meanwhile, Hershel Meltzer, M-e-l-t-z-e-r, was born in Vilna, Gabernia.

He and Hershel’s wife Rachel had six children, one of whom was Jacob Meltzer, who married a woman with the last name of Weiner.

Constant growth, however, made it advisable for the firm to start exporting on its own.

Greaves & Sons & Curley's Patent Reversible Safety Guard Razor-pat'd.

We can’t imagine the new Las Vegas resident will disappear from The D anytime soon.

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