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He’s most famous for appearing on his parents’ reality show “Family Jewels.” When he is not being a son professionally he is listed as a comic book creator.

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She wrote, "At first, I thought Gene was really weird.

I took him home with me that night because he was quite persuasive, and I like men.” According to the former “Married with Children” star, who even recorded backing vocals for Simmons’ 1978 debut solo album, the affair lasted for a few years and ended when she told him that she was going to marry Paul Butterfield Blues Band bassist Freddie Beckmeier.

People like train wrecks, but as much as we'll try to be Bobby and Whitney, we can't. Do you consider your relationship with her an open one? Don't believe there's any difference between a monogamous and a polygamous relationship. We also just took on an energy drink, and Turks & Caicos hired us to do all their marketing branding. We have 10,000 hours of the biggest stars in the world doing things you'd never believe they'd do. TV Guide: Can you confirm this number for me from one of your episodes? Tell her the god's honest truth: "I find you devastatingly attractive, charming and wonderful, and I would be so honored if you shared my bed tonight — but I also find your sister and your mommy attractive, too." If she can get over that hump, you're in, babe!

Those are all just big words, like "gymnasium." Human beings will do whatever the hell they want to do. "4,897." That's supposedly how many women you've slept with.

call him a husband) is an iron-fisted paterfamilias and tireless businessman.

We asked Simmons to wag his legendary tongue about his nonconformist lifestyle and the success of his series, which was recently renewed for a third season.

Even though the rocker has lived out every teenagers dream, touring the world's biggest stadiums and having several multi-platinum albums, he confessed his Peter Pan-style existence has to end now he is nearly an OAP.

Shannon, who was Playmate Of The Year in 1982, meanwhile had a brief relationship with Hugh Hefner and before that was with Canadian Football League player Ron Foxx who played linebacker for the Ottawa Rough Riders.

“Apparently dancing in a club helping someone to their car = dating.

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