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“I think Buddha lives in a world of his own,” says Weisgerber. Wise showed tremendous restraint.” On the show, a group of guys are all given funky nicknames as they compete to win the heart of Pollard, an actress from upstate New York who was passed twice by rapper Flavor Flav on his reality show “Flavor of Love.” She was rejected again on “I Love New York” by Tango.

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“They’ve become very close and like to team up and make fun of me.” Weisgerber says he could never understand how people who meet on dating shows could stay apart.

“It’s always bewildered me how people end up finding their ‘soul mate’ on a reality show, but then they stay separated for months until the finale airs.

Pollard moved in with Weisgerber and his 12-year-old daughter Asia shortly after taping for the show was completed last summer.

“They’re like peas in a pod,” Weisgerber says of his daughter and Pollard.

Pollard tries to laugh it off, but her mother doesn't see the humor.

"If Tiffany ends up being pregnant, and has this baby, she's having my baby. Pollard, who said she was five weeks along in the previously taped episode, told viewers in a confessional moment that she's still looking forward to becoming a mom herself.

The fitness personality, 31, was the first person the reality star, 35, met on the dating programme.

Central New York native Tiffany "New York" Pollard may have enough drama for her own reality TV show again.

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