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However, you should never give up on your ex since there are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that they have fallen back for you.

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Just because he or she temporarily buried those feelings doesn't mean they don't exist. Any time an ex boyfriend or girlfriend exhibits one or more of the above behaviors, they're still not over the idea of dating you.

There are ways of nudging them in your direction, and speeding up the process of getting back together.

I could not show my real emotions ofcourse because i wanted to work towards a reconciliation.

Does anyone heard of getting back after a rebound relationship or should i just move on now and let her see if he is worth it..?

Now of course us men have different tastes and all, but we’re all wired to respond to beauty.

It’s the one thing that captivates us the most, especially in the beginning (and first impressions are important).She now has a new bf and 2 days ago she told me that she was so happppppy with him and feels really confident with him around. we were just chatting a bit through telephone texting and then she came up with this and i was like "errrr okay", well i reacted with just "i am very happy for you ".i guess thats the best reaction and not show any jealousy or anger.Most of the times relationships might tend to be hard issues in the life of a person.Breaking with your lover could be one of the hardest things you could ever face especially if you loved them.You will find it convenient while creating various healthy communications between you.


  1. The older man in a relationship with a younger woman often struggles to correctly identify what it is that has attracted her in the first place.

  2. I am not drinker/smoker we can have tea/coffee together and see if we like each company to carry forward .

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