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However, this is usually not a good idea after the end of a serious relationship.No matter what the cause or the circumstances, a relationship ended. Maybe you really just a want a companion to travel or have dinner with or go dancing or just hang out — with benefits or not?

After several years of matrimonial life, it can be difficult for newly single men and women to get back into the dating game.

Particularly as the art of seduction has changed somewhat.

It is not uncommon to wonder if you’ll be able to find someone to love again.

While this might be one of the most difficult periods after your divorce, it can also be one of the most rewarding with the right guidance.

Get involved with some clubs or take some classes that have been on the backburner.

This will give you good opportunity to have some alone time and find out some things about yourself that you may have not known.

Others think they "still got it" and boldly hit on anything that moves only to strike out. so Alex (founder of Sparkology, the invite-only dating site for young professionals) and Bella (founder of Never Liked It Anyway, the place to sell once-loved gifts from once-loved lovers) have assembled the five ways to go back from break-up to romance: Generally speaking, relationships are synonymous with routine. Go to new places, museums, bookstores, coffee shops while also reconnecting with single friends (who probably haven't seen you in months). but trying to fill the void with a replica of your past lover will only remind you of old times. For better or worse, people in relationships often let themselves slack. Take a pizza making class, attend a wine tasting, or go on a weekend yoga retreat...

You'll do your head in constantly comparing the new guy to the old and most importantly, you won't give the new guy a the chance he deserves. From gaining a few pounds to neglecting your dance lessons to letting the wardrobe fade, you've probably neglected some part of your personal development simply because a large part of your focus (and resources! these fun activities both lift your spirits and make you more interesting when meeting new people.

No matter where you are in life the prospect of dating fills you with anxiety.

If you haven't dated for any length of time it can seem even scarier.

If it makes you feel good then have your hair done and your mani-pedi. You being you, at ease with yourself and the way you look and enjoying life, makes you more attractive.4. As you are getting back out there into the dating world remember to keep an open mind.


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