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sitting on a couch at a house party and the guy sitting next to her started kissing her, a guy took advantage of her in the back of a taxi, if she was almost at the point of passing out, etc), then it is possible to forgive her for that and continue on in a committed, trusting relationship.However, if she was just having a few drinks and she actively kissed a guy for more than 10 seconds while out partying, then it is something that you should be very concerned about.

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Learn how to turn your girlfriend's whole way of thinking around, and make her want you back. If your girlfriend has asked that the two of you take a break from your relationship, it probably came from out of left field. She's been thinking about things for a while now, but hasn't figured out a way to approach you to resolve them.

Taking a break is great when you're working, exercising, or playing sports. And she's also not entirely sure of what she wants to do. The fact that your girlfriend wants a break and not a breakup means that she still values your relationship.

It is always a shock when your ex girlfriend tells you she wants to break up with you.

But when you find out that she left you for another guy, it can be shattering.

Dealing with a break up is one thing, but what if your girlfriend thinks you need "a break" from each other? What exactly does she mean, and when will you get back together again?

If you want to prevent your break from becoming a break up, you'll need to know exactly what to do.

There's also the possibility she just wants change to occur within your relationship.

Maybe she's bored, restless, feels neglected, or is generally unhappy with the way you're treating her.

Here are 6 different scenarios of a girlfriend kissing another guy, when she is already in a relationship and what her boyfriend should do about it…

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