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One must take a gondola ride along some of the over 150 canals, including the Grand Canal.

Be amazed at the numerous bridges – such as the Rialto bridge – and absorb the glorious renaissance architecture with its panorama of superbly detailed facades.

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A city of over 350,000 population, Constanta was established in the 4th century BC as a Greek colony.

The drive from Bucharest will take approximately three hours, crossing the Danube into the region of Dobrogea and driving along the (in)famous Danube-Black Sea Canal.

Gastronomes will quickly fall in love with the unforgettable Catalan cuisine that is so prominent in Barcelona.

With a heritage that can be traced back to the medieval ages, the vast wealth of the Catalan landscape produces fantastic seasonal dishes that are sure to impress and carve a place into the hearts of foodies everywhere.

No matter the season, there are fantastic sights just waiting to be discovered, incredible events to participate in, and delectable eats to sink your teeth into. There are hundreds of reasons to visit the jaw-dropping city of Barcelona, but perhaps the most alluring is its architecture.

If there’s one thing you can count on looking forward to in Barcelona, it’s the otherworldly architecture that spans the entire city.A center for home-grown Catalan architecture, Barcelona is both modern and contemporary at the same time, making it a jewel of a city to visit.Hop on the metro and visit stunning neighborhoods like Les Corts and Pedralbes or Sant Andreu, or simply set off on foot to discover areas like the Sant Martí and Ciutat Vella.The city tour of Constanta will take you to the Secession style Casino and the Genoese Lighthouse.Later tour the Archeology Section featuring the fabulous Glykon Serpent and the wonderfully restored the Roman Mosaic – one of the largest in this part of Europe.From delicious tapas to the flamenco to energetic fiestas, Spain is an intense experience of culture, history, and tradition all rolled into one.


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