Groupwise calendar publishing not updating

The Exchange Calendar Update tool is available from the Microsoft Download Center.

Windows Server 2003 updates are available for production deployment for all customers through the Download Center, as described in Knowledge Base article 928388, 2007 time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Additional details about the updates and tools available for Microsoft Windows and affected Microsoft products, including how customers and partners can acquire the available updates, can be found at the Microsoft Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center. If you have installed the test version of this update, you should remove it before installing the final released version.

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Lucas asks: "I run a small business as one of the people who 'knows something about computers', which now means, like many of you, I find myself having to solve IT problems.

We have been trying to share maybe three simple, stupid calendars.

If you want to add Reviewer permission for someone who doesn’t already have access to a calendar, you have to run the Once a user has been granted Editor permission, they can edit or add items to a calendar. If set, the user who owns the calendar will receive an “Appointment Created Notification” as a new message in their inbox to provide them with details of the new event. It’s just a pity that the developers left out the ability to grant editor access to a calendar – but now you know how to do it behind the scenes!

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Setting the Frequent Contacts address book in Novell Group Wise to synchronize with the Black Berry smartphone is not recommended.

When a Novell Group Wise Black Berry smartphone enabled user sends an email message, Novell Group Wise modifies the appropriate contact in the Frequent Contacts address book. A personal Address Book can be assigned for synchronization with the Black Berry smartphone.

I was amazed at how few examples I could find, the majority of which would not work.

The single biggest problem with getting this working was making those Accept, Deny, Tentative buttons appear in Outlook.

This feature article was originally authored in February 2007 and may reference product versions that are no longer supported. Organizations that have operations, customers, partners, or vendors based in North America will be affected. Several products from Microsoft, including several versions of Microsoft Exchange Server, are affected by the new DST 2007 rules.

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