Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione secretly dating

Well, I think that she got it right the first time.

Rowling said that looking back she thought that Harry and Hermione would be better suited for each other and that she regrets having them end up with Ginny and Ron, respectively.

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The next was Ron, he was home studying for his Auror training and he was having a hard time.

She heard him stomping and throwing his book against the wall and the sound made her dizzy.

No, the reason people don’t immediately jump on the Harry/Ginny train or understand their coupling is because the movies did a spectacularly terrible job at giving Ginny any kind of presence or character development.

Ginny appears in all eight movies and yet is given less to work with and thus less memorable then characters like Kingsley Shacklebolt or Moaning Myrtle who only appear in a couple of the films.

Bill came by the house one evening and kicked his boots off by the door, spreading dirt all over the hall and when she walked through the door she almost cursed HIM and when the words were in her throat she realized whos boots they were, the words caught in her throat and she dropped the bags she had been carrying.

The worst of all was about a month and a half later, the first time George joined them for a real meal.

It started with Ginny and a note left for Molly when she came back from town one afternoon.“Hey mum, gone down the road to play some Quidditch, be back by dinner.

Love Ginny” It was in the Gs and the way she wrote Mum specifically but seeing the handwriting put a lump in her throat and burning tears in her eyes.

‘You wait until I tell your mother –’ ‘Tell me what? ‘Oh, hello, Harry dear,’ she said, spotting him and smiling. Then two girls appeared in the kitchen doorway behind Mrs Weasley.

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