Hepititis c dating sites

Sexually transmitted hepatitis C is most common in HIV-positive homosexual and bisexual men, however there are cases where HIV-negative men have contracted the virus through sex.

But, if either you or your partner is worried about the small chance of spreading the hepatitis C virus, you can use latex condoms.

This will make it almost impossible to spread the virus.

"When people first get the infection, the majority may not have discernible symptoms," says CDC epidemiologist Scott Kellerman, MD.

Some experience mild flulike symptoms or a yellowing of the eyes and skin known as jaundice.

Long-term partners of people with hepatitis C should get tested for the virus.

If the test is negative, you will probably not need to repeat it.

Hepatitis C can lead to liver disease and liver cancer in the long term.

If you have HIV, it may speed up the rate of damage to your liver.

Many people with hepatitis C are worried about spreading the virus to their sex partners.


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