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This phenomenon is known locally as “Sunday Funday”.From as early as 9am on any given Sunday (usually the only day a week Hong Kong’s domestic workers get off), Western men, customarily white, and the city’s maids, typically Filipino and Indonesian, are engrossed in dancing, drinking and discourse in the bars along Lockhart and Jaffe Road.

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“The police get rid of some girls who overstay their visa; their only solution is to get married.” Kate, who is currently single, came to Hong Kong from the Philippines and seems to fit the stereotype. “Not all [Western men] are good,” says Sho, a Filipino domestic helper who frequently goes to Wan Chai on Sundays.

“Not all of them are nice.” A DJ at The Queen Victoria in Wan Chai added that most Western men come to the pub on Sunday for nothing more than a good time.

‘So when I noticed a cat sitting proudly on the counter of a shop nearby my new place in the Sheung Wan/Sai Ying Pun area, I went over to pet it and took a few casual photos.

‘I shot a few more of other shop cats nearby and put them on Facebook.’ Of course, the reaction online was overwhelmingly positive.

HONG KONG: A woman accused of incest offered sex to her father because she did not want him to marry his fiancée, a Hong Kong court heard on Monday.

The District Court heard earlier that the two occasions in which the now 26-year-old daughter had sex with her father took place in 2009.Marcel describes Hong Kong Shop Cats as a ‘total fluke’.‘I moved back to Hong Kong after 18 years and found myself living without cats for the first time in 40 years,’ he told uk.A video appearing to show a student slapping another on the face with his penis has circulated among the University of Hong Kong’s students on Wednesday.Anonymous online commenters attributed the incident to “hall tradition.” The perpetrator in the video wore a hoodie bearing the words “Chemistry HKU,” though it is unclear whether the incident took place at a university dormitory.Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district has long served as an open door to drinking, drugs and exotic entertainment.

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