Holiday dating

Don’t worry, at Three Day Rule we’re experts in making sure that you get someone special to unwrap this season.

Read below for our best tips on how to go on that magical date that will make you believe in Santa Claus again.

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There are many "dos and donʼts" that singles need to observe relative to parties, gift giving, and define-the-relationship conversations over the holidays.

-cuffing—can make being around lovey-dovey couples and mistletoe downright intolerable. —lots of people feel more pressure to be in a relationship around the holidays (it certainly makes it easier to handle all those “are you seeing anyone special? Still, plenty of people still see the Thanksgiving-to-New-Year’s period as an opportunity to cozy up as a couple and be extra-romantic—and it turns out, most of those people are men.

A new survey of 1,500 American men of all sexual orientations by the dating service Elite Singles found that men feel more romantic than women during the holidays and are likelier to choose Christmas Day as the worst day of the year to be single.

(For women, it’s Valentine’s Day—gotta agree with that one.) Men are also likelier to want to spend the holidays as a couple—43 percent would be happy to celebrate alone with their partners, while just 32 percent of women felt the same way, many of them saying they’d like to be with family.

And while women are the ones who want to be with family, men are the ones likelier to want to introduce a significant other to their family during the holidays: 72 percent say it’s the perfect time, since everyone will be in the same place.“I once invited a man I just started dating to my family’s house, just because he had nowhere else to go and I didn’t want him to be lonely,” she recalls.“He thought that I was much more invested in the relationship than I was, which made things awkward in the subsequent weeks.Only 58 percent of women agree with this, with 42 percent saying there’s just too much pressure during the holidays.Speaking of pressure—men also have different views on gift-giving than women do.HOLi D8 is the reveloutionary new dating app that enables you to meet people on holiday BEFORE you’ve even packed your lucky swim suit.


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  6. Comparing your new man to your old man is a big no-no.

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