laws on dating a minor in pennsylvania - How to show messagebox in onrowupdating

Could you please post the ASP code for the Grid View... This Template Field tells the Grid View how to display the data that it's bound to. The reason is because an Active X control would be required in order to display the Message Box.I can't get a clear idea of what you are trying to do unless I see it's markup. In this case the Template Field specifies that the data in the column "name" should be displayed in a Label if the user is just viewing the Grid View. This means that your website is restricted to being viewed only in Internet Explorer.

Make sure that this Form opens up on the primary display. This tells the system to display the messagebox in front of that object.

You can get the primary display dimensions by using the Screen object., make sure to close the form you opened immediately after the Show call so that it doesn't create zombie forms.

Make sure to set the properties of the form so it doesn't show up in the task bar.

But since you classified me as only capable of answering simple questions(which is all I do and can do in fact) I (with my simple mind) thought you where able to figure out all the rest for yourself.

End If End Sub @statmaster's answer is preferable to this one.

Here is the code that I put in the Row Deleting event handler: Private Sub grd Market Adjustment_Row Deleting(sender As Object, e As Grid View Delete Event Args) Handles grd Market Adjustment.

public static Message Box Any of the other suggestions on this page should also suffice.

in another thread it says : As to specifically overriding that method, you cant.

Similarly, when inserting a new record into a Details View control, those Bound Fields whose Insert Visible property is set to true (the default) are rendered as empty textboxes, into which the user can provide the new record's field values.

Likewise, Check Box Fields, which are disabled in the standard, read-only interface, are converted into enabled check boxes in the editing and inserting row is actually deleted, which allows you to get the user's confirmation, and to cancel the event if he doesn't want to cancel after all.

Aside from that, and completely unrelated to the problem, You shouldn't be using System. It also specifies that the data in column "name" should be displayed in a Text Box if the user is editing the Grid View. You can get the values the user entered using the Grid View Row. (Notice that I set the Grid View's Auto Generate Columns property to False. Also, Active X controls are pron to security flaws that may open the end user computer up to vulnerabilities.


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