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Don’t take that the wrong way; she just really annoys me.

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We even scoured the top 400 most popular Ok Cupid profiles—the hottest people on the site in ten US cities—to see what their profile pics could tell the rest of us about attracting a date.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the help of the data maestros at Match and Ok Cupid: Christian Rudder, cofounder and president of Ok Cupid, and Jim Talbott, director of consumer insights at

Combining the two in an online dating scenario can complicate the delicate dance even further. Maybe Boy and Girl meet—or maybe they don’t, and if they do, do Boy and Girl live up to their profiles and live happily ever after?

Once it was: “Boy meets Girl,” and, depending on circumstance, “Boy gets (or does not get) Girl.” Now, it’s Boy posts profile. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

I also love just taking off in the car and going exploring.

Unfortunately, I am an awful navigator, but that leads to all sorts of adventures.

Yet, when it comes to online matters of the heart, finding “the one” often remains elusive.

That’s because love, like the Internet, has a lingo and etiquette all its own.

You want to sound confident, but not self-absorbed. Many find that using science-backed research and facts to help write your profile can relieve a lot of the anxieties and uncertainties you might be feeling. Let’s use science to learn how to write an online dating profile.

Let’s start with your bio or the “About Me” section of your profile.

of singles crawl dating sites and apps, flipping through photos and profiles of potential matches. Here at WIRED, we couldn’t help but think there might be a better way to optimize your chances, so we pulled massive amounts of data from Ok Cupid and, searching for tips that might help you master Internet dating and find someone awesome.


  1. There has never been a better way of finding real love than by using an online dating site.

  2. Jess wants her research on dating to influence the online dating industry and works with the online dating site Three Day Rule to accomplish this goal.

  3. Again, it’s very easy to fall into this trap, but you shouldn’t because it’s not true. Plus, any time that you’re spending alone should be time you’re using to get to know yourself, to understand what you want in a significant other, and to better yourself so that when they come around, you’re ready. Have a Plan As nice as it is to think that love is this spontaneous thing that’s going to happen to us when we’re least expecting it, this is also not completely realistic.

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  7. Chatroulette was created in 2009 by a 17 year old kid who ran the site out of his bedroom in his parent’s home.

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