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The NHS now tries to guide parents away from the practice and the most recent figures suggest just 3.8 per cent of male babies are circumcised in the UK.This is down from a rate of 20 per cent in the 1950s, when there was a belief, especially among those who could afford to have it done privately, that it was more hygienic.His new book, will be published by Rothco Press in June 2015.

I was hooked on those images and from there it was just circuses, carnivals, oddities, and bizarre history.

If it’s weird or strange, than it’s something I’m into.

Other curios include a 60-pound megacolon from a patient who died in 1960, an 18th-century birthing chair and various tumors alongside forms of other disease.

Originally an anatomy collection for veterinary students begun in the 1700s just outside Paris, the curiosities-filled Musée Fragonard opened to the public in 1902, closing in the 1990s for renovations that lasted until 2008.

There’s overlap among them, but generally they both have unique motives and should be identified and dealt with in slightly different ways.

Bots refer to programs designed to act like human Internet users.Nearly all of those now undertaking the practice do so on religious grounds -- it is done by nearly all Muslims and Jews -- as well as a few on cultural grounds.Maurice Levenson, the secretary of the Initiation Society, an Anglo-Jewish organisation which represents about 55 mohels, said: “The great majority of the enquiries we receive come from those of the Jewish faith, Muslims, Afro-Caribbeans and Americans, where circumcision remains popular.” He said very few upper class British parents approached the organisation as they did in previous decades.It is one of the oddities of the Royal family -- shared by the majority of the English upper classes -- that for many generations they have circumcised their male sons, invariably using a Mohel, the Jewish word for a circumcision practitioner.It was rarely done on medical grounds, nor on religious ones, but was a matter of class.His specimens evolved into one of the most intriguing medical museums in the world, with two floors dedicated entirely to hundreds of skin-crawling (and burrowing) parasites. This medical and anatomy museum is just one of many trippy experiences in Amsterdam. It includes, among other things, both a two-headed canine and the dog named Chernushka, who was launched into space aboard Sputnik 9, and survived.


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