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People have started playing around with high-reward credit cards for fun and profit.

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Too bad so many of us go way over board on the gift-giving front.

I’ve noticed a trend among financial bloggers recently.

That's down from last year's $123, you can thank the recession. Make it $200 if you don't want to hear about how disgusting your Motel 6 bathroom was for the next 3 months. Do you have a budget and a strong understanding of how much money you have coming in every month?

Now, I'm renegotiating my contract for extra minutes and all-inclusive texting (more on that later). She's not standing there demanding you buy her diamonds and designer purses. According to the National Retail Federation, the average man will spend $103.00 on Valentine's Day gifts this year.

Let's throw in an extra $15 a month for congratulatory flowers or you-had-a-bad-day cupcakes and you're looking at an extra $180 (and still looking cheap). I haven't even started on lift tickets, winery tours, or that helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon she's always dreamed about. If your budget can't handle going out two or three nights a week, tell her. Nine times out of ten, she's going to respect your willpower and how responsible you are with money. Now, factor in your bills and regular expenses (rent, cable, car insurance, etc) along with any debt repayment you're currently tackling.

Let's extrapolate that and just say most guys are going to spend between 0 and 0 on a gift for their lady. There are so many gifts: That's 0-0 and we haven't even started on those little surprises throughout the year or times that call for bigger presents (you've been there). That weekend skiing trip or drive through wine country could easily cost you well over 00. If you're flying, you've got plane tickets and all the costs associated with getting to and from the airport (not to mention the obligatory that seems to fly out of everyone's pockets any time they spend more than 30 minutes in an airport). Throw in 3 meals a day for two days (0 a day for the both of you) and you've got yourself one expensive weekend. If not, subtract 10-20% of your take-home pay for savings.

The only hitch is that the rebate can only be applied to travel purchases booked through Travelocity (air, hotel, car rental).

This wouldn’t work for everyone, but it works for us since we travel at least once or twice each year.

Now, I’m no novice to the idea of a cash back credit card: I used a REI Visa from 1999-2006 that yielded 1% cash back on all purchases, which added to several hundred dollars each year.


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