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Hveravellir is a unique nature reserve situated on the Kjolur route in the middle of the west highlands between the glaciers Langjökull and Hofsjökull.

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Anyhow, three years later he opened up the wrapper to find it looked exactly the same, was a little bit grossed out and so donated it to the national museum.

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The area is the setting of of some of Iceland's most popular sagas and home to many of their heroes.

The ravens have been a source of joy and companionship for the staff of the store, calling out to the staff when it shows up for work and leaves for home and greeting customers when they visit the store.This year, however, the rest of the world can get to know the friendly ravens: The store management decided to install a webcam to keep an eye on the rooftop tenants, streaming their simple life online to the rest of the world.After a year in storage, the Bus Hostel Reykjavik now has it on display, with a webcam showing its day-to-day life.Grímsvötn was erupting at the same time as Laki during 1783, but continued to erupt until 1785.The story goes like this: the day before they closed down, a guy called Hjorter Smarason went to Maccy D’s and bought a burger, not to eat but to keep.Drop in to see it, if you can (and don’t forget to take a selfie while you are at it).

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