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What do you think of the Singapore entertainment industry as a whole?

The local entertainment industry is still in the infant stage.

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She studied modern songs and stage performance with Ken Chang (Singapore).

She has won numerous singing competitions since her primary school days, with her best attainment as Champion in the Shanghai Asia Music Festival 2002, Malaysia Region.

A Singaporean by birth, Lynn Malik moved to Malaysia in 2004, following the steps of other Singaporean singers like Imran Ajmain, when she decided Singapore was not the place to be for artistes like her.

When asked to comment, Lynn said “Singapore is too small for artistes like us to survive in the entertainment industry.

Lynn Malik hired Rezza to produce and direct her music video after an introduction by an acquaintance.

Impressed by Rezza’s portfolio given his young age, Lynn decided to convey to him what she wanted in her music video and Rezza successfully came up with a storyboard that Lynn fell in love with.

Mini Monsters started off in 2008 as the Education Outreach arm of award-winning TV production house Dua M Pte Ltd.

The company aims to revive an interest in the Malay language by offering an interesting and fun approach to the teaching of the language.

Mini Monsters Limited aims to always give the best to all children while instilling a lifelong love for the Malay language and inspire change through creativity and innovation. Designed to give children aged 4-6 a good foundation in learning to read Malay, it was developed progressively over a period of three years by a Malay language linguist Drs Bahri Rajib with specialized drama and movement content input from celebrity educator and author Rilla…


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