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In an epic saga dating back over 40 years and 6 years of litigation, the Quebec Court of Appeal has released a decision which states clearly that an employer is the presumed owner of the copyright to works created by an employee, provided no contractual provision says otherwise.In 1968, Laurent Lachance was hired by the Ministry of Education of Quebec as an occasional employee.

meaning many of Canada's single professionals end up putting their romances to the side while they focus on keeping up with the demands of career and office.

Marriage statistics tend to agree: the median age that Canadians choose to get married has increased by as much as ten years over the past four decades, But what if you could have it all?

The first step is looking in the right place, with the support of a dating site that understands your drive for success, need for a quality product and, most of all, desire for a long-term, educated partner who understands ambition.

matchmaking system works to only match singles with a high chance of compatibility, working to help you streamline your search for love. We pair our members based on ideal location, relationship preferences and personality characteristics If you believe that a busy work life and successful career shouldn't come at the price of a happy personal life, it's time to try joining a dating site for professionals.

Long after the series stopped airing, Productions Marie Eykel Inc.

obtained a commercial license in order to sell DVDs of the first 125 episodes. In June of 2007, Lachance attempted to assert a copyright claim over the episodes, seeking 15% royalties on all DVD sales. initially took the position that Lachance was not an "author" for the purposes of the "), and that Lachance was one of the authors, in co-operation with others.Infographic: overview of results from the survey what is considered.Been found in the blue mountains is where i a girl that respected him and myself will one day be as great reminder.In 1972, the Director of Audio-Visual Productions asked Lachance to create a French-language educational television series for children which would include 125 educational episodes.This ultimately resulted in the popular television series "".After all, there's no more efficient way to effectively find like-minded singles and boost your luck in love.

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